06|07|08 DECEMBER 2019
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

Tehran Contemporary Sounds was launched in 2018, through the organization of “Gate of Tehran – Days of Experimental Sounds” festival as a Berlin-based hub, for musicians, artists and collectives living abroad as well as in Iran, with the aim to bring together the different voices and forces of the big spectrum of the Iranian contemporary art and music scene, widely spread across the globe.
TCS will be dedicated to, creating a platform for showcasing the unique talents of the Iranian artists and musicians; creating a cross-border collaboration hub; facilitating a non-political, purely artistic and interdisciplinary dialogue;
This year, Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival, in collaboration with Nullsight collective and Zabte Sote label, is bringing together some of the most important talents of the contemporary Iranian electronic/experimental sound artists and musicians, and digital and new media artists.
In the three days of the festival we’ll have a special showcase of the Zabte Sote artists. An exhibition run by Nullsight collective and a daily number of 6 audio visual performances in Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio 1.


NULLSIGHT is a media art collective & design studio with focus on contemporary art based in Tehran founded by Ali Phi on 2011, It has been active with projects in the field of curation & organization of art events & performances, design & prototyping of products, creative & visual programming, media and audiovisual production, design & development of new media immersive environments, stage design & public installations. Creation of spaces made of art, light and technology and providing a platform of new experiences for audiences has been a vital mission for NULLSIGHT from the beginning.
As a collective, Nullsight has worked with different art & cultural institutes, galleries, brands & artists promoting Iranian media art scene to the world on different occasions.


Zabte Sote Label
Zabte Sote is a label focusing on Iranian experimental electronic music composers, showcasing their work globally. It’s curated and directed by Ata Ebtekar aka Sote with the British label Opal Tapes doing all production and distribution worldwide.
For this year’s edition of the festival, we’re having a special showcase from some of the resident artists represented by Zabte Sote.



NOXTE Vol III (/ˈnuqtˤa/)
is a colloquial term used in Farsi meaning dot.
A Project by NULLSIGHT, Media arts collective from Tehran, collection of conceptual, practical, and technology-oriented objects, contributing to the promotion of the media-art business. What defines the identity of distinction is where the self ends and the other begins: the point in which the individual body and the social framework is shaped. NOXTE is based on this idea of liberation of bodies and going beyond boundaries. The mystical revelation & free exploration of mind & soul while experiencing the trauma of living in the third world country, limitations, boundaries and different kind of social orders, are what NOXTE is trying to observe & share as a different value of art. The idea of going beyond the boundaries, ignoring the reality & seeking in deeper concepts is the manifest in how the works are selected: the objects that lost their original function for their
were merely used decoratively; similar to body itself that is now an old-fashioned entity, falling to pieces in different frameworks.
The exhibition would take place on 6-8 December 2019 in KUNSTQUARTIERS BETHANIEN STUDIO 1.
From a young generation of Iranian artists, Ashkan GH, Arya Tabandehpour, Behzad Shahravan, Mohammadreza Tazari, Reyhaneh Afzalian, Parinaz Goodarzian, Mitra Valaei, Donya Fazelnia & Shahab Shahali would be presenting their art through different mediums like interactive digital installations, sculptures, drawings and code generated arts.